The Hungry Bunny wrote...
Kampong Glam Cafe offers not just the usual nasi padang dishes but Malay favorites such as mee rebus, ayam soto, mee siam and lontong. It's really cheap, our entire meal, including drinks, cost less than $30! Take note though, the mee rebus and ayam soto are only available after the peak lunch hours, around" 2pm. 
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Ashraff Khan wrote...
Kampong glam cafe was the best food place i had ever went to. The fish n chips were so good it was very big me and my family ate it and all of us felt full.To me it beat swensens pizza hut etc.The parking there on lunch hours are hard to get because many people wants to eat at the the great shop Kampong Glam Cafe. Any people who have read my review better try it or else you people would miss the nice food at 17 Bussorah street. Must try the wonderful food there SHIOK SHIOK SHIOK!!!!!!! the Nasi Goreng especially very nice and mouth watering .I wenth there about 13 times already that is how good it is.
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